Rice pudding


The stewpot is hot and the meal is ready to be served. That was a long time ago for the elders the tasteful “ritual” of rice pudding, a product that is a lovely sweet habit for youngest and elders. The milk, the rice and the other ingredients offer energy, taste and nutrients! Search now for a bowl of rice pudding from Mpekas Family and  save it in your fridge. You gonna need it!

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Ingredients :
From pasteurized buffalo milk, sugar, rice, starch, vanilla “packaged in a protective atmosphere”
Keep refrigerated 2-4 oC.

Nutrition Declaration per 100g :

Energy kcal/kj 182/692
Fats 11.6
Saturated fats 4.3
Carbohydrates 14.2
Sugars 14.2
Proteins 4.1
Fibers 2.1
Salt 0.03

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