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Our History

The last 20 years you have offered us a sit to your eating table. A sit that gives us the power to manufacture all these products with respect and love to animals. In addition, it offers us new tasteful horizons.

Horizons that Yiannis Mpekas expands continuously by using his production unit of buffalo dairy products that has created the last two decades. With respect to the tradition brand “Mpekas”, that guarantees the best products with the highest quality ingredients.

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Our products

Nowadays, this tradition has created the private facilities at Sindos region, at county of Thessaloniki. There “Mpekas Family” produces innovative products by using the beneficial virtues of buffalo products. Moreover, promotes the expanding needs of market for high nutritional quality products, which are produced under the strictest specifications of the industry.
From milk to cacao and kazandibi, our catalogue of products expands rapidly, dealing with all tastes.

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For Mpekas Family the process of introducing and manufacturing the products is really a ritual, with its strict quality checks that take place from the early stage of receipt to the loading of the end – products, aiming to gain new devoted followers.
In addition, we have to mention that our Farm puts into practice specific requirements for a quality management system, ISO 22.000: 2005, which guarantees the high quality and nutritional values of the products.
Yannis Mpekas has, after all, the necessary scientific schooling, as he has graduated by the American Farm School of Thessaloniki and the Technical Department of Animal Production of Larissa. This expertise with the last state of the art equipment of our facilities and our processing systems guarantees that our love for healthy nutrition comes fully protected to your eating table.

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