Another product of our Family that must not missing from your family eating table is the buffalo product Ariani, a curdled milk that is produced by lactic acid bacterial culture and preserves not only it’s well – known nutrients, but also its Eastern tradition. It has to be mentioned, that Ariani is consumed in large amounts before the meals in Eastern countries and helps to the digestion.

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Ingredients :
From pasteurized homogenized half-fat buffalo milk, yoghurt culture, salt, fat 1.5%.
Keep refrigerated 2-4 oC.

Nutrition Declaration per 100g :

Energy kcal/kj 49/207
Fats 2.3
Saturated fats 1.1
Carbohydrates 3.9
Sugars 3.9
Proteins 3.3
Fibers 0
Salt 0.8

Additional Information

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