Variety of ice-creams

They are the ideal choice for summer, as many customers consume it during the year. The variety of Mpekas Family ice – creams has announced its “king” the Kaimaki, a traditional choice for ice – cream, which includes Chios mastic gum and cinnamon! Furthermore, we have to follow the trends of our time, so we add Cranberry that belongs to the super food, yogurt (the trend of frozen yogurts) and chocolate for the devoted feminine of this delicacy.

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The range of flavours includes chocolate, cranberry, kaimaki and frozen yoghurt.
Keep refrigerated.

Nutrition Declaration per 100g :

Kaimaki ice cream
Energy kcal/kj 239/994
Fats 18.5
Saturated fats 13.8
Carbohydrates 13.3
Sugars 13.3
Proteins 4.9
Fibers 0
Salt 0.1

Kakao ice cream
Energy kcal/kj 201/838
Fats 19.4
Saturated fats 13.2
Carbohydrates 11.2
Sugars 11.2
Proteins 6.7
Fibers 0
Salt 0.1

Frozen Yoghurt
Energy kcal/kj 296/1230
Fats 24
Saturated fats 14.2
Carbohydrates 12
Sugars 12
Proteins 8.1
Fibers 0
Salt 0.1


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